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I accept students of almost any age, and at any stage of musical development so long as they are interested in music and are pursuing it in school, a band, in listening, as a hobby or just beginning to show interest.

My lessons can include any and all of the following:

Playing Guitar
Playing Bass Guitar
Playing Double Bass
Reading Music
Learning by Ear
Audition Preparation
Jazz Improvisation
Music theory (especially learning the practical applications of it)
Ear Training                                                                                                                                               Practice Habits


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A Thought about Weekly Private Lessons

It’s important to note that private weekly lessons are a great supplement to a musical education or various musical activities, but are definitely not enough. It’s important to understand that, much like in teeth brushing or body building, 30 to 60 minutes of engagement the activity per week will not let you achieve any goals, or feel the satisfaction of improvement. I strongly encourage all students to (besides practicing what I say) play your instrument regularly, jam with others, seek out other educational and performance opportunities, discover new music, listen to it, see live music and generally be as curious as possible. I also will go out of my way to help you find these sorts of things. Without them, lessons start to feel quite inadequate – they are after all a very small amount of time to try and develop fluency in a language as complex as music.

Fees, Paying and Scheduling

•    After your first free consultation, the fees are $25/ half hour and $40/hour for lessons at my location.
•    For lessons in your home I add a fee on a case by case basis, based on location and time of day.
•    Lessons are paid for (and scheduled) in advance, 1 month at a time, on your first lesson of the month up to the first lesson of the next month. I recommend meeting every week or every other week if possible.

Cancellation Policy, Refunds and Missed Lessons

•    Please be careful to only schedule meeting times you can make, and to keep them.
•    We can reschedule a lesson if there is least 2 days notice. Any less notice (or forgetting) and there will be no make up lesson and no refund.
•    I adhere to the same policy regarding cancellations and rescheduling on my behalf (lost lessons are a credit for next month)
•    I can’t give refunds under any circumstance.

*I made these rules to encourage commitment to a regular schedule and dedication to our lesson time. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a steady, regular meeting time but you are excited to dedicate some time to music anyway, don’t hesitate to contact me to work something else out before we get started. The important thing is that we’re on the same page so as to avoid disappointment.