This is a new project I dreamed up with Tzevi Sherman (guitar). The idea is to play in the classical surf style of playing well known melodies on electric guitar, and doing some original tunes with a danceable feel.           More

Adriaanse Stanley Duo

Liam and I work with jazz standards, and try our best to create interesting arrangements of them rather than use them as a stage to feature our improvisations. We currently play Mondays at Aroma at Bloor and Bathurst from 7pm-9pm, and frequently play sets at the Jazz Bistro.

Tia Brazda

Tia writes great catchy jazz tunes, has had some nice success with her album 'Bandshell' and is a ton of fun to play with. I've been touring with her with her since 2016.

Doug Tielli

I play with Doug in many contexts, he also writes great songs and sometimes I play them with him.

Ryan Carr

Ryan writes songs with elements of blues, bluegrass and folk music. I've been playing bass in his latest band format since summer 2015.

Emily Raquel

I love Emily's blues/country/roots sound and voice, and I'm happy to be playing in her band. We recorded her self titled EP in 2015 and it's available online with the main streaming/downloading sites.

Cody Mcmillan/Northern Greys

I play bass with Cody. He writes rootsy folksy songs that are just great, he runs a jam at the Cat Pub and Eatery. We also have a more rock oriented quartet called the Northern Greys.

Shaky Knees

I play bass for this rock band led by Bruno Bin. He's moved away to Europe and we no longer play, but I'm still proud to be on his album "7 Years".

Lullaby North

With this modern jazz band led by Emilio Guim I appear on three albums and have had many enjoyable experiences traveling and performing.

Lila Ensemble

An improvised music and movement group. This group has toured across Europe and Canada and held down a residency with Toronto's Coexisdance.