I’m Currently Accepting Students: Contact Now

I accept students grade-school age and higher. Adults more than welcome! 

Online only for now, we’ll move to in person when it’s safe. Watch this video you’re not sure about online lessons, I think it’s a great solution.

I have RCM Grade 8 in classical guitar, a university music degree in jazz and improvisation, 10 years experience teaching at a well known Toronto studio and playing in many different types of bands professionally. If you’re looking for something I’m not familiar with, I’m happy to set you up with someone who is.

I can write all day about what I teach, or we can have a conversation! Contact me to chat about what your lessons might look like, no pressure to sign up.

For Beginners:

For more experienced students:

Read more below, or contact me now for a free consultation.

Fees, Paying and Scheduling

  •  After your free consultation, I charge $35/ half hour and $60/ hour.
  • I do offer bulk discounts if you pay for many lessons in advance.
  • Lessons are via zoom (or video-chat of your preference, but I recommend zoom) until gathering is safe again. Studio near Christie Pitts Toronto for in person lessons.
  • We’ll work out a schedule that works for you and for me. Steady weekly lessons are good for some and not others, and sometimes life doesn’t allow for a regular meeting time, don’t hesitate to ask for what you need.
  • With 1 week notice we can cancel or reschedule a lesson with no questions asked. Any less causes me scheduling problems so try not to let that happen. If it happens often I’ll have to start asking for payment in advance and I do reserve the right to refuse refunds for missed lessons.
  • One of the advantages of coming to an individual for music lessons rather than an organization is flexibility and informality. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need something different or if you’re not sure about anything.

A Thought about Regular Private Music Lessons

It’s important to note that private weekly lessons are a great supplement to a musical education or various musical activities, but are definitely not enough on their own. It’s important to understand that, much like in teeth brushing, body building, sports playing… you get the picture… 30 to 60 minutes of engagement the activity per week will not let you achieve any goals, or feel the satisfaction of improvement.

I strongly encourage all students to (besides practicing what I say) play regularly, jam with others, play with recordings, seek out other educational and performance opportunities, discover new music, listen to it, see live music and generally get involved in music beyond lessons with me.

I will go out of my way to help you find these sorts of things. Without them, lessons start to feel quite inadequate – they are after all a very small amount of time to try and develop fluency in a language as complex as music.